Compressor Plugs

All standard compressor plugs are manufactured from a unique "self healing" EPDM rubber compound.  Standard color is black. Other materials and colors available with special order.

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Compressor Plugs

Part NumberStem ODStem IDFlange ODFlange HeightStem LengthOverall HeightSpec Sheet
M81680.2480.1220.350.1250.5350.66Download PDF
M81930.2820.110.340.110.40.51Download PDF
M80610.560.250.75.1640.660.69Download PDF
M80580.340.130.5320.1040.390.494Download PDF
M80530.4290.1870.6870.1060.310.416Download PDF
M80560.930.51.1130.170.690.86Download PDF
M80590.560.250.750.1640.690.854Download PDF
M80420.6790.18810.2050.9981.303Download PDF
M80540.6830.250.9330.1760.690.866Download PDF
M80550.8080.3751.0630.1730.6850.858Download PDF

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