Capacitor Boots

All standard capacitor boots are manufactured from black, 50 durometer, UL-approved neoprene.  All boots are 1-1/8” high, 13/16” wide and 1-1/2” long, except for part number M8099 which is 2-1/4” long.  Other materials and colors are available with special order.

Rubber capacitor boots are offered in a variety of different styles. Select from the options below:

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Round Capacitor Boots

Part NumberOuter DiameterHeightTabOpeningSpec Sheet
M81771.481.38.310 x .270.190 x .44 slotDownload PDF
M81211.51.125.312 x .281.187 x .406 slotDownload PDF
M81761.5311.5.312 x .281.187 x .406 slotDownload PDF
M81251.751.5.310 x .281.310 diameterDownload PDF
M815021.5.380 x .380N/ADownload PDF

Part NumberOuter DiameterHeightOpeningSpec Sheet
M82042.5002.400.590 diameterDownload PDF
M75962.081.50.320 diameterDownload PDF

Oblong Capacitor Boots

Part NumberOuter DiameterHeightTabOpeningSpec Sheet
M80621.51.130.312 sides .190 x .340Download PDF
M80651.51.130.311 end .190 x .500Download PDF
M80661.51.130.311 side .190 x .340Download PDF
M80671.51.131.1252 top .187 x .375Download PDF
M80982.250.751.1252.125 diameter holes w/ connecting slitDownload PDF
M80221.51.130.311 top .190 x .380Download PDF

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