Water Filters & Softeners

Water filter and water softener manufacturers rely on Lavelle to provide them with the dependable rubber and plastic parts that their equipment needs, such as gaskets, bumpers, seals and washers.

Water filter and water softener parts

They do so because they know they can count on Lavelle to quickly and cost-effectively design and manufacture parts that will continue to work even when repeatedly used and exposed to chemicals found in water.

Manufacturing practices that make a difference:

Every project has different requirements. That’s why Lavelle has an array of engineering and manufacturing capabilities. From engineers with industry-specific expertise and on-site chemists who can create the right formulation for your part to a variety of conventional and injection molding machines, we are focused on delivering parts that meet your needs. Some of our capabilities include:

  • Product design: Our engineers, chemists and tooling professionals work closely together to design the right part for your application, helping move the project rapidly from conception to completion. And because we focus on eliminating waste at the start of the design process, we save you money.
  • Rubber molding: Along with our conventional and injection molding capabilities, we can also compound, extrude, vulcanize and cut rubber formulations to meet your exacting specifications.
  • Plastic molding: Our plastic injection molding capabilities enable us to also fulfill your needs for plastic parts.
  • Lathe cutting technology: With on-site lathe cutting and grinding equipment, we can manufacture a wide variety of parts, including those that must hold to tight tolerances.
  • Finishing operations: We also offer several operations that can take your part to the finish line, including die cutting, cryogenic deflashing, tumbling, post-molding assembly and specialty packaging.

Materials ideally suited for potable water applications

With over 2,000 active formulations, Lavelle offers an extensive range of materials for rubber and plastic molding projects. More importantly, many of our materials are approved for potable water applications meeting specifications such as: 

  • NSF/ANSI 61 for potable water applications
  • NSF/ANSI 51
  • US Food and Drug Administration CFR Title 21, Part 177.2600
  • BS 6920

 We are also the only company offering Chlorazone® rubber, our proprietary material that is designed for concentrated chlorine environments. It is an elastomeric polymer that is NSF/ANSI 61 certified. Chlorazone was designed to prevent premature product degradation by resisting chemicals found in water systems such as chlorine and chloramines.

Lavelle standard parts for water filters and water softeners

Lavelle standard parts for water filters and water softeners: We offer a number of standard rubber parts for water filters and water softeners, including bumpers and seals. For more information on our standard and custom parts, please contact us.

View our standard parts catalog to learn more.

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