With over 100 years of experience, comes a wide variety of capabilities and services.

As an OEM rubber component manufacturer, Lavelle offers engineering and manufacturing services that allow us to design, mold and finish precision rubber and plastic parts that meet the most critical specifications. Our capabilities include: Custom rubber molding, Custom plastic molding, Material development including color matching, Rubber-to-metal bonding, Lathe-cutting, Die-cutting, Post-mold assembly, Specialty packaging and kitting, Product design and analysis, and Collaborative problem-solving through engineering support.

Custom Plastic Molding

We design and mold a wide range of plastic parts with expertise and short lead times.

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Custom Rubber Molding

Equipped with a comprehensive array of molding and rubber-mixing equipment and an onsite R&D lab.

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Die Cutting

On-site technology to manufacture die cut products for many unique applications.

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Lathe Cutting

On-site technology to manufacture lathe cut products for many unique applications.

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Material Development

With over 2,000 active rubber and plastic formulations, we offer an extensive selection of materials.

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Product Design

Design knowledge & experience take your requirements and turn them into working parts, regardless of the end use.

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Secondary Operations

Many in-house secondary operations that provide extreme manufacturing flexibility to our Engineers.

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