Lavelle Industries Is Expanding!

Lavelle Industries, Inc. (“Lavelle”) is expanding its Wisconsin production facilities in Burlington and Whitewater to support growth in its Korky toilet repair products and OEM custom rubber molded parts.

At its headquarters in Burlington, Lavelle is adding rubber injection and compression molding presses to meet increasing sales demand. The equipment additions will support existing customer growth and new customer requirements. Lavelle will also be hiring to meet the increased production requirements.

Earlier this year, Lavelle purchased land from the Community Development Authority of Whitewater, adjacent to its existing Whitewater plant, to allow building expansion. Construction began in October and will be completed in summer 2015. The expanded building, additional equipment and added staff will support increasing business with existing Korky and OEM product distribution, new products and new customers.

This summer, Lavelle also is expanding its Burlington headquarters building. The additional space, along with new equipment will support past and future growth in all segments of its business.

“I am pleased that Lavelle continues to grow by providing quality, domestically manufactured products to our customers,” said company president and majority owner Rhonda Sullivan. “We continually look for ways to stay competitive in an industry dominated by foreign competition.”