Why Lavelle?

Who better to speak to working at Lavelle than our current team members.


10 Years with Lavelle

cassie image "The culture! I always feel valued and appreciated. Each employee is encouraged to sit down with their manager or coach & create a growth plan. Lavelle celebrates my strengths & it feels like my manager is always looking for new ways to leverage them."


3 Years with Lavelle

"I was first hired as a summer help, but soon joined the Operations team as an Intern. I loved my position because I was able to have the freedom of an employee, but structure in meetings, timings, and commitment to work with projects and deadlines. There is a significant age gap between me and most of my colleagues, I always felt like an equal and never talked down to. After my first Intern session, I came back for a second and already committed to a third." rachel image



8 Years with Lavelle

andy image

"Lavelle has always been there for me.

I feel a sense of obligation to give them my best."



5 Years with Lavelle

"They work with the employees' needs; they give us the opportunity to work any shift and we have extra hours most of the time [Overtime opportunities]. Lavelle gives opportunities to students to work part time and for that and so many reasons it is a great place to work every day." laura image



7 Years with Lavelle

joe image "Lavelle continually pushes me to be a better professional and team mate. It's refreshing to work for a company surrounded by peers that want you to succeed. As a family owned business, I have always felt that my voice is not only heard, but that my opinion matters. A memory that will always stick out to me was on my first day of work. The President made it a point to stop by my desk to welcome me to the Lavelle family and let me know that I could reach out to her should I ever need anything."



10 Months with Lavelle

"The experience that I have gained in the last 10 months is far and above the experience I have gained at previous Companies in years.  I look forward to coming to work and being able to be a part of a team like that at Lavelle." katie image