Why Lavelle?

Who better to speak to working at Lavelle than our current team members.


10 Months with Lavelle

"The experience that I have gained in the last 10 months is far and above the experience I have gained at previous Companies in years.  I look forward to coming to work and being able to be a part of a team like that at Lavelle." Testimonial



16 Years with Lavelle

Testimonial "It's refreshing to work for a company that values your talents and wants you to share your ideas. I’ve always felt like I’ve had the support of my peers and managers with my career growth goals."



3 Years with Lavelle

"I was first hired as a summer help, but soon joined the Operations team as an Intern. I loved my position because I was able to have the freedom of an employee, but structure in meetings, timings, and commitment to work with projects and deadlines. There is a significant age gap between me and most of my colleagues, I always felt like an equal and never talked down to. After my first Intern session, I came back for a second and already committed to a third." Testimonial



10 Years with Lavelle

Testimonial "The culture! I always feel valued and appreciated. Each employee is encouraged to sit down with their manager or coach & create a growth plan. Lavelle celebrates my strengths & it feels like my manager is always looking for new ways to leverage them."


"I like the consistency of the schedule and my shift is full of great people. The associates, my supervisors, they are all great."