Custom Rubber Molding

When you need a custom rubber part for your application, you can count on Lavelle Industries. Equipped with a comprehensive array of molding and rubber-mixing equipment along with an onsite R&D lab, we can take your parts from concept to completion quickly and cost-effectively.

MFG Machine

On Site Custom Rubber Molding Machine


Lavelle’s custom rubber molding services provide:

  • Precision products and assemblies. Because we can use tooling and processes that hold tight tolerance standards, you can be assured that our custom parts will be fit for your most demanding applications.
  • Multiple custom rubber molding options. Whether you need conventional or injection molding services, you can rely on Lavelle to meet your unique needs. We can manufacture parts that weigh anywhere from less than a gram to as much as 15 pounds, and those that are as small as 2 millimeters wide to those that are 30 inches wide.
  • The right materials for your job. With over 2,000 active formulations, we offer an extensive assortment of materials to choose from for your custom rubber molding job. These materials include Lavelle Chlorazone®, our proprietary family of elastomeric formulations that were specifically designed for potable water applications. Learn more about our materials.
  • Made in the USA.


Custom rubber molding capabilities


Conventional molding:
  • Compression
  • Transfer (integral pot, bottomless pot, flashless and low waste)Materials
Injection molding:
  • Direct inject
  • Injection compression
  • Injection transfer
  • Vertical and horizontal configurations
Mold types:
  • Compression
  • Transfer – integral pot
  • Transfer – bottomless pot
  • Tree bar
  • Split bar
  • Direct inject
  • Injection transfer
  • Injection compression
  • Flashless
  • Low waste

To learn more about our custom rubber molding services, please contact us.